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Through the access of the STEM program here at the YES! Achievement Center, we understand that it is vital for our students to understand the process of preparing them for growing fields. Yes! Achievement Center is here for our students to inspire them in science and mathematics that will assist them in a competitive technology economy. The students will be able to obtain jobs that will assist with the future of our society. From an economic stand-point the STEM program will provide help for our students to benefit from an expanding industry. So we say Yes! too……

Academic Monitoring
Peer Tutoring
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We want to know everything! If a student is having trouble with a subject we want to know right away so that we can put a plan into place. We are the #1 source for academic enhancement and we set the bar extremely high for our students and we have great confidence that they will rise to the challenge.

Here at YES! Achievement Center, we feel that peer tutoring is very important. It helps the tutor increase their own understanding of the subject matter as well as boost confidence that will help in other subjects. Peer tutoring also helps with interpersonal communication and leadership skills. Peer tutoring can help students feel more at ease because they are working with a fellow classmate as opposed to a teacher or instructor.

Yes! High School
Readiness Program
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We understand that often High school students are not prepared for postsecondary education or the workforce. At YES! Achievement Center planning ahead for our students is priority. Our programs will assist in the development of the student’s career path after high school. YES! Achievement Center has the ability to improve the transition from high school with key components that students can utilize.

Yes! I Can
Reading Program
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At YES! Achievement Center students will attain proficiency through Yes! I Can reading program. YES! Achievement Center will give access to a wide variety of enjoyable reading materials such as books, blogs, comic books, magazines, computers e-readers and daily inspirational quotes. Working with local schools and communities with promoting literacy for children will assist students with academics in their school career. YES! Achievement Center understands that extensive reading and reading fluently will give children the endurance to deal with more challenging texts they will meet in college, at work, and in everyday life. Our goal is to build literacy confidence so students can say YES I can!

Say Yes! Nutrition Program
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YES! Achievement Center will provide students with access to nutritious meals and education about how to eat healthy. Fun physical instructional activities and games will give our students the opportunity to enjoy making healthier choices that will boost self- confidence and motivate students to participate in feeding their bodies and their minds. This makes the YES! Achievement Center Programs an ideal location to provide and promote opportunities for increased physical activity and healthy eating, and in turn, positively influence children’s physical, social, emotional, and academic growth. YES! Achievement Center will engage with community partners to help support and promote healthy eating and active living.

Career Mentoring
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Here at the YES! Achievement Center, we want to expose our students to all of their career options and help them associate what they are learning in the classroom and at YAC with the skills they will need in their career choice.
We feel that the best way to do that is to monitor all of our student academics so that we make sure they understand what they are learning. This is why academic monitoring is one of the most important services that we provide. We work hand in hand with school counselors as well as teachers and athletic coaches.

Yes! We Get Fit
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We want physical fitness to be something our youth consider fun and they look forward to every day. That’s why here at Yes! Achievement Center, we offer two ways to get our students physically fit, sports specific training and physical fitness. YES! Achievement Center will increase health awareness for our students by providing a center that promotes fitness and healthy choices. YES! Achievement Center will provide opportunities to get physical activity every day.
Physical Fitness is very important to this organization. We want to teach our students the proper execution of different exercises and how it affects your body. We feel that it is important to not only encourage our youth to become physically fit but to show them the correct way to do it.

Yes Achievement
Mission Statement


Yes! Achievement Center’s (YAC) mission is to provide a fostering environment for children who need before school and after school care. Yes! Achievement Center works in cooperation with families, schools and communities to ensure the development of children and youth by providing quality rated programs that are fun, safe and accessible.

Our Vision

Yes! Achievement Center’s vision is to expand before and after school services for K-12 students. The demand for after school programs have increased by 40% in the state of Georgia. That means 18% of children are unsupervised after school which is roughly 317,324 kids statewide. With no supervision these kids have a greater risk of being exposed to crime and other dangerous situations. Yes! Achievement Center is the gateway for children to participate in programs that will keep them safe and healthy during those vital after school hours. Some of the offerings at YAC will consist of extended education, mentorship, and healthy living, just to name a few. YAC serves as a role model for childcare excellence for the community at large by providing a place of support for our youth to enjoy a facility that encourages all students to practice uplifting others and leadership. The opportunity that Yes! Achievement Center will provide are constant activities to keep students occupied and stimulated while learning and staying active.

About Us


…academic monitoring and career mentoring organization that focuses on enhancing and developing the mindset of our youth. YAC provides a place for kids to be safe while enjoying physical fitness, STEM education, life-enrichment programs, and other developmental programs. In addition to these vital resources, YAC will encourage parents, the community, and schools to UNITE for our children by incorporating seminars and workshops to build self-esteem and self- motivation for our youth.

Yes! Achievement Center (YAC) is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) corporation providing dynamic services to our youth in the state of Georgia. The co-founders of Yes! Achievement Center have an accumulative 30 years of experience in early childhood education, coaching, specific sports training, and business management. Yes! Achievement center was designed to provide services for children to always have education and fitness as a guide to creating a healthy life style and a future of success.

After-school and youth development programs are indispensable by giving working parents peace of mind, knowing that their children are safe and supervised until the workday ends. These programs give students access to constructive activities that can improve their performance at school, arm them with the tools to resist risky behavior like drug and alcohol use, and build skills to prepare them for college and the workforce.

When we say YES to a student, we say they will achieve their goals because our primary goal will be to transform every student into future leaders of our community. Once you attend Yes! Achievement Center you instantaneously become a student achiever. YAC will provide a positive example for all afterschool programs and become a successful blueprint on how to properly engage and interact with children in the community on a productive scale. Yes! Achievement Center will challenge students academically and physically, in efforts to become a beneficial asset for young children and to inspire and motivate children to become better students. YES we will ACHIEVE!


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